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VPS is the acronym of “Virtual Private Server”. It is like a server, but is in fact only a portion of it (also at a portion of the price!). We’re talking of the virtualization of a server. VPSes are compartments acting exactly as an independent server.

Yes, there are. Two of the most common are OVZ (virtuozzo) and KVM. Racknerd uses KVM, which is more compartmentalized than OVZ. Resources are better separated with KVM, and each VPS has its own kernel compared to OVZ.

A dedicated server is very good. But it is more expensive. VPS are usually when you don’t need all the power of a whole server.

Pretty much everything you can do with a computer. The main use is usually hosting and everything which requires a good and permanent connection to the Internet. Also, every application which is intended to keep running 24/7. This can be websites, applications, a remote desktop, or anything.

You can connect to your VPS with SSH to install, configure and manage every aspect of your virtual server. You get the IP address and the credentials to do this just after your purchase.

As the “P” indicated, a VPS is only running what you are installing on it. You don’t risk to have your website(s) slowed down by others hosted on a “shared” plan. You also have more control and possibilities. You can configure directly your web server like Apache or Nginx. You already choose exactly what you install and how you configure it. You’re not limited by the choices and restrictions you do have on hosting plans.

Yes you can. You’re only limited by the resources you need (for example storage and computing power for things to run fast enough). But you can install and host many websites or applications on a single VPS.

The proposed VPS are running on servers in several datacenters across the United States: Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Seattle. You will be able to choose where you want your VPS to be situated when you place your order.

It is usually best to try to be geographically closer to the majority of what is accessed. If you intend to run an application, try to get the VPS running it closer to what it will access the most. If you host websites, try to get closer to the majority of your expected audience.

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